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[airbnb] Tokyo-Prepare for TDW 2015 : Autumn in Japan Past 6

Arrive to Tokyo, This is my work

After Kyoto to Tokyo
[airbnb] Kyoto : เมืองน่ารัก Autumn in Japan 2015 Past 5

I stay here, Kazu house


Pink baggage shipping from Fukuoka airport by Yamato Transport 20 kg
Big box shipping from Thailand by Thailand Post Register 20 kg
Small box shipping from Fukuoka airport by Yamato Transport 5 kg

3 piece shipping to Kazu house at Tokyo

Order from Belltastudio Etsy shop
shipping to Germany, Canada and United States
by Japan Post Register from Japan

I am in Japan but I can shipping product to my customer over the world
shipping price of Japan Post Register is same Thailand Post Register


Today my assistant come from Thailand, She is name “Nowash”
we go to Apple store at Omotesando for I buy iPhone 6s
I never use iPhone but now I need to use it
Nowash cut my thai sim and use it with new phone
I need to use it for my work


I bought a sewing machine from shinjuku for make bags in Japan

We accept payment by credit card

We send BelltaStudio catalog, promotion and news to you, Please add your email


I and Nowash find nice shop near house
This shop interesting, It is shop sell indigo fabric

nice factory, he make furniture wood


and nice new friend
we want to eat something
we select Buzen shop
we don’t know what kind of this shop
we don’t know japanese menu

but we meet new friend she help us order Udon
She is name Andy, now she is our friend
This shop is Udon shop

And then we invitation Andy come to Kazu house for Nabe party

Nabe is dinner tradition food of Japan
and we have new friend more Adachi and Misaki

Nice to meet you all ^^

[airbnb] BelltaStudio join exhibition Creators Match up at Tokyo Design Week 2015 Past 7

Writer : Bellta (ฝน)

BelltaStudio: http://www.belltastudio.com

Instragram: @BelltaTravel



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