BelltaStudio renovate ETSY Shop

BelltaStudio renovate ETSY Shop

We make eco-friendly paper bags,
Paper bag is sustainable paper bag,tear resistant,can wash,lightweight,
very durable,classy and simple

My idea! I want to use a simple bag style but I can not find everywhere. 
So, I made it and use it!

I think paper bag is strange, many people think paper is paper and easy to tear 
but I find Tyvek paper and Kraft paper is strong paper. 

Tyvek paper(white) like Fedex packaging. 
Kraft paper(brown,dark brown,black) like Jeans labels.

I think if made the bag by Tyvek and Kraft paper and use it.
It is very cool, I think so

So! now I can made it many design. We can made all bag in the world by paper 
because Tyvek and Kraft paper is new material for the bag

Thank you for you visited our etsy shop

We have many product and many choice,
You can request custom order 

Writer : Bellta ^^

BelltaStudio: Etsy shop


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